Misson Critical Services Design Packages

Since the company was established REA has been primarily involved with the design and upgrading of mission critical data centres and communications facilities for some of the country’s major banking, communications and finance organisations.

REA understands that uptime is paramount for mission critical organisations where even short duration downtime can have a catastrophic financial impact and damage the brand name of a business.     

Senior Director Richard Earngey has a working knowledge of critical power installations and has undertaken a study tour focusing on the architecture and design philosophies of mission critical electrical systems in some of the major data centres within the United States.

REA has an experienced track record of developing hardened electrical designs for mission critical sites by the implementation of redundant networks, synchronous switching, wrap-around systems and the targeting of potential single points of failure.

REA is experienced in the design of redundant UPS systems, multiple string inverter batteries, dual cord UPS reticulation, static transfer switches, ‘worksafe’ PDU’s, and redundant standby power generating systems.

REA is able to provide a multiple services design package for electrical, mechanical, fire and hydraulic services to meet the specific requirements for up to Tier 4 mission critical facilities.