Electromagnetic & RFI Surveys


Low frequency magnetic fields emanating from electrical power systems equipment within a building can interfere with the performance of information technology equipment used by businesses. This interference caused by radiated power frequency fields is commonly referred to as electromagnetic interference or EMI. The phenomenon known as ‘screen jitter’ is the result of EMI and while having little or no impact upon today’s flat screens, CRT screens are affected by EMI. The performance of servers and peripheral equipment within data centres and equipment rooms can be adversely affected by EMI.

Electromagnetic emissions causing interference within buildings are mostly caused by radiated fields from high current electrical equipment such as:-

  • a substation within the building,
  • the main switchboard or a distribution board,
  • submain reticulation,
  • street aerial power lines adjacent to the building,
  • heavily loaded power and lighting circuits.

The presence of electromagnetic fields may have Work Health & Safety implications.

REA is able to carry out investigative surveys to identify fields of interference and their points of origin and will report on findings with a recommended remedial solution. Broad based surveys within the workplace can be undertaken for WHS due diligence.


Interference from higher frequencies originating from transmission equipment within the various bands of the radio frequency spectrum can cause radio frequency interference or RFI which can impact upon the performance of equipment within data centres and sensitive electronics facilities.

REA can provide a due diligence service to measure and identify the significant transmission signals (generally radio or television broadcast transmissions, civil and CB radio transmissions, cellular telephony, radars, meteorological and satellite signals, etc) which is often fundamentally important information for a client when determining to establish a mission critical business at a particular site or location.